Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Odd July 4th

This didn't happen to me, it happened to a friend of mine.  I asked how his 4th was and he replied "Odd and sad."

"What?" I asked, surprised at his weird response.

He had invited a bunch of friends and family to his home in Palos Verdes because it is five minutes from the beach and they were doing fireworks over the water that night.

Getting all the chairs, and coolers and blankets down to the prime viewing location was a major operation.  They finally got all their gear down, set up, and sat down to enjoy the fireworks which was to start in fifteen minutes.

Not five minutes later, a body of a woman washed up on shore.  (dead, obviously).

The police were called, the area cordoned off and everybody shooed away from the location.

-- Sunny's friend's fourth

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