Monday, July 12, 2010

My 4th of July

I know, I should have posted this last week but my friend's fourth was so much more interesting than my own. 
I had never been to the Pasadena Rose Bowl for fireworks.  This year, I went to a home near the rose bowl.  We drank Sangria and ate BBQ ribs and chicken, potato salad, we basically stuffed ourselves then dragged out the portable lawn chairs to Parkview Avenue.

Parkview Avenue overlooks the Rose Bowl.  By the time we got there (around 8:30 pm) there was quite a crowd gathered.  The weather was nice - not to hot, not too cold. People had cakes out, coolers and lawnchairs.  Police had blocked off the street so we parked our chairs on the asphalt.

The fireworks were definitely spectacular.  Largest display on the west coast apparently.  I was even able to get a few shots with my idiot-proof point and shoot camera!

The fun was over all too quickly and we trudged back to the house where we had to wait for the traffic to ease up.  Not a real hardship, though, as somebody brought this scrumptious blackberry cheesecake from Portos.  After Portos I felt Portly!

-- The cat lady

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