Friday, July 16, 2010

Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green

So my sister says that just typing the words 'Megan Fox' will increase traffic to your blog noticeable.  I am at 310 views at the moment.  Check and see if it went up anymore.

I know, I apologize to anyone who visits looking for news on her.  Maybe someday I'll meet her and write about it. -- Oh wait!  I did encounter her.  Or at least my back did.

I was at Rock Sugar restaurant in the Century City Mall with two dear friends.   We sat down and were chatting away -- at least I was, until I noticed I was doing a monologue and my two friends were staring behind me.  Being the cool, jaded person I am, I asked who was behind me.  Turns out Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox had just slid into the booth behind me.

Now I remember Brian Austin Green from BH90210 but I hadn't a clue who Megan Fox was.  Yeah, I'm the only person in America who hasn't seen Transformers, but that is another issue.

Whatever, my friends got over it and we got to the business of catching up, ordering food etc.

Along abouts dessert time, apparently Brian and Megan called the manager over (my friends overheard, I guess I can't hear backwards either) and asked if they could slip out the worker's entrance.  Apparently they noticed some papparazzi outside.

Of course the manager agrees and off they go.  We three non-celebrity types exit the normal way to find nobody outside waiting to snap our photos.


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  1. Wow up to 323! That is huge for this site!