Monday, June 28, 2010

Tom Hanks

I should call this blog 'The Celebrity Observer' already!  One day I met a rep for lunch at The Ivy On the Shore.  In those days, it was THE place to go to see celebrities.  And sure enough, tucked way in the corner was Tom Hanks and some agent/manager suit-type.  Tom looked really bad, gaunt almost.  I realized some months later that he was filming "Philadelphia".

The rep and I were both jaded hollywood lowlifes so we left him in peace while we pretended to talked business and stole glances at him when he wasn't looking. 

In the middle of the restaurant, the waiters were putting together tables for an obviously large party.  They wandered in.  It was a big, boisterous family and they were celebrating something.

The rep and I were on dessert when the patriarch of the large family - the grandfather stood up and walked over to Tom Hank's table.  The grandad was obviously not from L.A. because if you are, you know to leave the celebrities alone.  I cringed at this gentleman's faux pas, but of course, I had to listen in on the conversation.

The family had flown in from all parts of the US for their daughter/niece/granddaughter's graduation from college.  Grandad ask Mr. Hanks to come over to their table and congratulate his granddaughter.  I cringed again.  I was sure the manager/agent was going to say something.

But what do you know, Mr. Hanks stood up, went over with Grandad to the table, shook hands with everybody, posed for pictures and congratulated the ecstatic teenager.  What a terrific guy. 

I feel 'kinda' bad telling this story because you readers are probably going to bug him at lunch/dinner/cocktails because I told you what a nice guy he was.  Good thing there are only four (oh wait!) five of you.

A few years later I ran into him again, and he was nice again. But I better save that story for another time because I'm going to run out soon!


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