Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My start of summer

Today is my official start of summer. Why? because I started up the fountain in the backyard today. Around November last year, I drained out the water and unplugged the thing because it was raining and cold and I didn't go outside much.

In March and April I spent the days pulling the five foot tall weeds that had overtaken the back. I pulled about 75 percent of them, but in the end, it got hot, I gave up and hired the brush clearance folks to do the dirty work.

Once the brush was cleared, I noticed that there were little 'things' swimming in the water that had collected in the basin. Eeew! I went and put some clorox in it and refused to look again until today. The water was all gone and so were the critters.

So today, finally, I filled up the basin and plugged in the pump. But, of course, the pump didn't work. So I unplugged it, said a prayer, and replugged it. Viola! It worked.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little prayer (after weed pulling, brush clearance, and critter killing clorox)

-- Cat Lady of Fairview

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