Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last 'Ladies who Lunch'

I have been unemployed since late March. While I should have been stressing out, I curiously wasn't. The main reason is probably the 'ladies who lunch'.

The main enemy I have been fighting has been boredom. After sitting home for two weeks, playing the 'how little can I spend on groceries' game, I e-mailed my neighbor who coincidentally, had quit her job four days before I got laid off.

Together, we reasoned that we cannot eat every single meal at home. And so the weekly 'ladies who lunch' project began. We started with a Indian Food place where we had curry and tikka masala, then to a place known for their juicy pork dumplings. Then on to sushi, Korean tofu house, Vietnamese cuisine, Tapas, even an In-and-Out burger run!

We talked about jobs and complained about carbs, even as we consumed massive quantities of them, then vowed to go to the gym.

Today was our last lunch for a while. Sadly, or happily, depending on how you look at it, we will both be starting new gigs soon. We ended on a high note with lunch at this dim sum place called "King Hua Restaurant" on Main Street.

We ordered a dizzying array of fried taro balls, noodles, potstickers (two kinds!), bread things filled with meats, egg custards, sesame dessert things, then rolled on home to guiltily remember the word 'calories' which I conveniently forgot earlier.

--The Cat Lady

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