Saturday, June 26, 2010

Foodie Taco Trucks

So I added a new word to my vocabulary -- 'Foodie'-- an amateur who appreciates food for consumption.  As opposed to a 'Gourmet' who have refined tastes and may or may not be professionals.  I mean, come on, who doesn't appreciate food for consumption?  Unless you have no taste buds...

Anyway, I was a good girl and brought lunch from home for the first week of my job.  But getting up at 6am and going to bed late takes its toll so I stopped after exactly 6 days of bologna sandwiches. 

Looking out through one of the office windows, I would see taco truck after taco truck hang a left hand turn into an alley.  Yesterday,  I decided to go see what all the trucks were doing and discover a 'Foodie' jackpot!  About fifteen to twenty taco trucks all lined up and open for business.  And these are not your normal gross greasy food trucks either.  They were each different specializing in things like fries, crepes, Korean BBQ, pizza, etc.  It is my aim to try every one through the course of the summer.

Yesterday I tried the sushi truck.  You heard me, sushi truck.  Now I was a little suspect about getting sushi from a taco truck but I kept walking by people and two of every three were carrying trays of sushi.  I figured it must be good.  I got the sampler since I didn't know what all to order.
Plus a diet coke was $9.75.  Not cheap for street food. 

I got four little bites - the size of chocolates.  Little poofs of rice with a circle of salmon or other stuff on top.  And four little bites of tempura roll.  No seaweed, oh and they ran out of soy sauce -- seriously. I was still hungry afterwards.  So this foodie says thumbs down for the sushi truck.

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  1. LOL...tell me if you see the Peruvian food truck - Lomo Arigato. Its suppose to be really good and I really want to try it but its always on the west side :(