Sunday, June 27, 2010

The day I ran into $9.6 billion

Continuing on with my 'celebrity' theme, I was walking back from the cafeteria one day with a co-worker at Studio X.  Our building was at the opposite end of the lot from the cafeteria and was the newest and nicest on the lot.

We were chattering away about something, probably my Tom Cruise sighting (see Tuesday's post) and weren't paying attention to the fact that a meeting was letting out from the boardroom. 

I ran smack dab into an older gentleman in a non-descript grey suit.  I apologized, but instantly, two gentlemen in dark suits and  dark sunglasses were upon me, pushing me away from the gentleman.

Seeing that I was in no way a threat, the older gentleman waived the others away.  I gave the two men in black my dirtiest stare and got into the elevator with my coworker and headed back to work.

"Did you see who that  was?" my co-worker asked. 

"Who?  Did you see somebody?" I asked, clueless.

"It was Mr. Greenrock, idiot," my co-worker replied.  Mr. Greenrock was the owner of the studio.  At the time, he was worth $9.6 billion ($2.4 billion today), and I had run him down. 
Too bad wealth doesn't rub off on people or I'd have somebody writing this blog for me!

-- Sunny

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