Friday, June 11, 2010

The Terror that is Chester

Chester is the one on the left. He eats purses and electrical cords. Normally I know better and I hide purses, and put protective casings around electrical cords.

Today, however, I was a bit careless and left my new shiny patent leather handbag open and on the floor. I thought nothing of it until I was cleaning out the kitty privy and noticed some long thin black strands in the poop box. Upon closer inspection I realized they were parts of wire.
I raced to where I'd left my purse only to discover not only did he chew through the strap of my newest purse, he'd actually pulled out some ear buds from inside the purse and chewed those as well.
I keep thinking one day he's going to chew through something that is plugged in and end up fried like that cat on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Until then, you'll find me shopping for handbags and earbuds at WalMart.
--The Cat Lady

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