Friday, June 25, 2010

Celebrity Encounters - More Twilight

I promised more Twilight.  It  seems appropriate since the premiere of "Eclipse" was tonight. 

I was lucky enough to win a ticket to an autograph session at the previously mentioned ComiCon 2008.  Well, the truth is I didn't win it, my friend did, but she could care less about "Twilight" so she gave it to me. 

Anyhoo, security is really tight, and we are let into a small conference room in groups of twenty.  I recognize one person right away, a co-worker from studio X days.  She doesn't know me, which is good because I feel a bit awkward being a civilian again. 

The security tells us absolutely no photographs but some girl ahead of me snaps one anyway.  She is immediately booted from the room. We're each handed one mini-poster and are told  the cast will only sign the poster. 

The first person at the long narrow table is Stephenie Meyer, the author of all the Twilight books.  I tell her how much I enjoyed the series and she seems genuinely pleased to hear it.  Next is Catherine Hardwicke who is the director of the first Twilight.  I don't have much to say to her, but she draws a cute little cat for her signature.

Kristen Stewart is next.  I compliment her performance in "Into The Wild" (being one of the few people in line old enough to have seen it).  She is very appreciative and kind.  Next is Rob who asks my name, and signs Rob 'heart' Sunny.  How cute.  Taylor is having some kind of unspoken conversation with Cam Gigandet and is distracted.  Still, he manages to take up the most space on the page with his signature.  Edi Gathegi and Rachelle Lefevre are totally professionals, focused on connecting with each of the girls (and some guys) as they try to personalize their autograph. 

One of the girls ahead of me has slipped a second piece of paper under her poster (again in defiance of the security staff direction).  To the cast's credit, everybody signs the second piece of paper without welching on her.

As I leave, I say goodbye to my former co-worker who didn't recognize me.  Probably thought I was a stalker...

-- Sunny

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