Friday, June 18, 2010

Celebrity Encounters - Dawson's Creek

 Every May the television networks pull out all the stops to show advertising planners and buyers what they have lined up for the all important new fall season.

One of the perks of working 100 hour weeks is to get flown out to New York to endure presentations then stay up all night buying, only to repeat the procedure the next day. By day four, you're pretty much a walking zombie.

One year on a day four, we walked the four blocks to see a breakfast presentation for this network called the WB (okay I'm totally dating myself). There weren't that many folks that had gotten up early enough to attend, but we hadn't even been to bed and were in desperate need of coffee.

The round tables were set up in a hotel ballroom and we almost filled one of the tables.  A fresh faced young man (he couldn't have been more than a freshman in college) asked if he could join us at the table. I think I grunted a 'yes' as I stuffed my face with scrambled eggs and guzzled coffee. The kid next to me didn't seem to want anything to eat or drink and he seemed awfully nervous.

The WB presentation starts and I try not to doze off as they show us why they are #1. We've sat through at least three presentations already where the network claims to be #1-- in households, in A18-49, in total viewers, or in kids with at least one tat. Everybody is #1 at something.

Finally, they start showing clips of their new shows. They're really excited about this show called "Dawson's Creek." About halfway through, I and the rest of the gang start to notice the similarities between Dawson and the kid sitting next to me. After the clip airs, they turn on the lights and the kid stands up, introduces himself, and makes a very composed and impressive speech and sits back down.

Now all of a sudden, I'm worried my hair is sticking up in the back or I have parsley stuck between my teeth. We try to make small talk but we don't have anything in common. He has clear skin and is beautiful, we all have spots and blotches from the greasy food and hours we've been suffering. He is young and eager and just out of school. We are old and tired and wished we were back at school.

After another half hour or so of uncomfortableness, we go back to our hotel suite/prison and 'Dawson' catches the subway back to wherever he's from. We buy as many Dawson's Creek ads as we can get away with without our bosses noticing.


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