Saturday, June 19, 2010

Celebrity Encounters 2 - Twilight

You knew it was coming.  I had to blog about Twilight at some point.  I'm surprised I lasted this long without mentioning Edward, Bella, or Jacob. 

I saw the book with the black cover and red ribbon at the bookstore and picked it up because it was thick and I needed something to read on a long flight.  I started reading the first couple chapters and couldn't put it down.  I had to go back to the store two days later and pick up the next two books because I was still a few days away from my flight.  I came back from my trip having read all three (at the time) books and a total Twilight fanatic.

Every year in July, there's the big ComiCon convention and I've gotten into the habit of going.  Not because I'm into comics that much but because I used to work for one of the big movie studios and they always go and present their upcoming movies there, kinda like an upfront (see yesterday's post).

I saw that there was this new studio and they were presenting "Twilight."  Hmm, I wondered if it was the same Twilight.  I looked into it and sure enough, it was the same Twilight.  I made a note to attend this presentation, only because I wanted to see if their interpretation of Edward Cullen could ever live up to the description in the book.

My sister and friend and I endured a two hour wait just to get into the 5000 seat auditorium.  I didn't think everybody was waiting for Twilight.  The way they set up, once you're in, you're in for the entire day.  As you leave, new people are let in.  We get in, sit through a few other studio presentations and the main event starts.  I couldn't hear a thing when they showed a clip of the movie, the screaming was so loud.  Then, the studio brought out most of the Cullens, Edward, Bella, Jacob out on stage.  I had to cover my ears to keep my eardrums in tact.

The crowd settles and the moderator starts taking the questions from the audience.  Girls who come up and ask 'Could I have a kiss?' earn boos from the rest of us. Edward, or Robert Pattinson is so embarassed he keeps trying to hide behind his hair.  I find this endearing.  To me, he looks exactly like Edward Cullen and Summit Studio has sold at least one ticket to Twilight right there and then.

Apparently, the girls behind us are not thrilled with the choice.  We keep hearing them say "But he's so ugly."  To them I respond 'Did you check out this year's People magazine's 50 most beautiful issue?'

And yes, I have my ticket to Eclipse


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  1. Im soo excited for this. I cant wait!! Did we decide on a date for our group outing?