Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back in a cubicle

when I worked at Ogilvy & Mather it took me a year and half to make the move from cubicle to office. As my career progressed, I slowly worked my way from Agency to Agency, each time, the office would get bigger and bigger, along with my paycheck. I knew I hit the big time when I landed an office with a couch AND cable television.

I am now back in a cubicle surrounded by kids half my age.

At first, I was depressed about this. But then I remembered that I often used the couch in my office to sleep on when I worked until 3am the morning and I used the cable to watch the news on weekends or to catch a few minutes of my favorite primetime shows.

Fine, I'm back in a cube but I'm working for myself and if I work late, I get paid for it. And those young kids I'm surrounded by? I bet they're all Team Edward!


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  1. Nice way to look at things. I was wondering the same thing about my next gig. Will I get a nice office or back to a digny cube.